Rule Book

The User Agreement:

Whenever you create an account on site you are agreeing to follow all the rules and regulations put in place. If you fail to obey the rules you could land yourself in a suspension or unfortunately a permanent ban. 

The Player Agreement:

Whenever you sign for a team you are committing yourself to playing as many games as your manager’s needs, We understand that we all live our personal lives. If you are asked by a staff member regarding playing times you will need to co-operate fully during these times as your availability could be investigated.

The Managers Agreement:

Whenever you agree to a managerial contract you are committing yourself to all game days and times for your selected console. If at one point you feel you cannot fulfill your duties as a manager you are asked to contact an admin 1 week prior to games.

  • If you have management for less than one week you cannot step down, If you disagree you can enjoy a 1 month suspension from the website.
  • If you step down as a manager, but find a replacement you will serve a 10 day suspension from the site for failing to complete your contract tho you found a suitable replacement.
  • If you want to step down you can at the end of the season during the “Manager Step Down Window” Which means you can step down without a suspension.

The Staff Policy:

All admins are the heartbeat of the website, on the forum the staff work for the site, out of the goodness of their heart and commit themselves to long stressful hours in front of a computer screen so please so respect the site and its staff.

Match Day Suspension:

A straight red card will result in a two game ban, two yellow cards will result in an automatic one game ban

Should a player accumulate five yellow cards, the player will be suspended for one game, ten yellow cards equals a two game ban

Cards do not cross Domestic and European Competitions. For example, if you receive a suspension from a league fixture, you are still eligible for European fixtures and vice versa

All suspensions will start from the next game, for example if you get a red card on the 9:30pm game you cannot play the 10pm game

Any manager who fields a banned or suspended player will receive  a possible point deduction.

Any player who is found to have played whilst on an active league/cup suspension will be giving a five league/cup match ban.

Player Rights:

Contracted players the right to play at least 4 games a season, This means your manager has to play you. It don’t matter if you play the first four games or the last four games of the season. If at any time your manager has no intention in playing you then you can request a release in your lounge!

Releasing A Player:

On FLC the manager and co manager can release players ONLY via their club lounge. There are now two methods to release a player (1) A player can be released using the normal method by using one of the clubs 5 seasonally releases. (2) The value of the player will be subtracted from the club budget.

Profile Pictures And Forum Signatures:

On FLC we have a zero tolerance on “Graphical” images and text that may offend members, a first time offense will result in a forum signature disabled and the profile will be reset to the FLC logo. If a second offense occurs a permanent ban may be put into place.

The In Game Rules

All teams must have FLC or FLCW at the front of their club names and use the authentic kits and badges

FLC Midweek Games Are

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30pm and 10pm

FLCW Weekend League Games Are

Fridays and Saturdays 10:30pm and 11pm

Teams must play with a minimum of five players, No Less

Teams MUST have an ANY

Teams MUST have a GK

The player who is the ANY cannot be the GK (Unless there is a lag out after the 10th min)

If you’re in a game and your team are lagging, having connection issues or have lagged out, you will have until the “15th Minute” in game time to back out. (Anytime after the 10th Minute will result in a 3-0 default loss)

If somehow your team are 1-0 and lagging before the “15th Minute” (You can back Out however the game will restart from 1-0)

Everyone is expected to give 100% in the game, If for any reason a player scores an OG on purpose, a ban may be imposed for league disruption (Pending Video Evidence)

Players CANNOT block or interfere with the opposing GK. This includes from attacking corners, Defending/Attacking free kicks and open gameplay.

Players CANNOT defend their goal by standing on, or within three steps of the goal line from a free kick. (Players can stand no closer than the six yard line but cannot stand directly on the goal line)

No time wasting! – Includes holding the ball in the corner, It DOES NOT include passing the ball, passing back, taking time to hit a corner or holding the ball to take a throw in (Because of the 6 second in game FIFA rule)

NO Five Defender Formations

If you have to call time, do this 30 mins before kick off time or request a reschedule, rescheduled games have to played within 48 hours of the original kick off time. There can be a maximum waiting time of 10 mins. If for example kick off is due at 9:30pm, you must inform the opposing manager at 9pm that you need to call a maximum of 10 mins. The match then should be kicked off no later than 9:40pm

On match days, take a screenshot of your scores and post them into the Facebook Messenger Manager Chat

Even though it’s not necessary to live stream games, it would make it easier for admins, players and managers to sort out any claims. Think of it has VAR. The more video evidence we have the more we can review and make a decision.

Submitting A Complaint:

We promise to be vigilant and execute punishment as deemed necessary.

Misconduct will happen either intentionally or unintentionally, if you spot something untoward or need to report something, Please gather evidence to support your claim, without evidence we will have no choice but to dismiss your claim. Evidence supported can be, audio, video, photo (inc. screenshots). Please do not get involved in arguments or anything which may put a mark against your name.

If you have a complaint regarding an admin, report it to one of the red staff members.

Once all the relevant information has been gathered, we will call a tribunal. The panel will be made up of 3 staff members so there cannot be a split verdict, however, if you are successful with your claim you will be contacted and made aware of the outcome.

Warnings, Probations And Bans:

Warnings and bans will be happily handed out if a member breaks any of the following above rules, Providing the background of the situation you may return on a one month probation period.

Probation periods will come into place if a previously banned player comes back to the site again, They will be marked with a probation badge. During the month they will have to show they are ready to come back and obey the rules, If any rule is broken during the month probation period then they will be reissued with a permanent ban and won’t be returning to the site again

Once Again Thank-You For Viewing This Rule Book, We Hope Everyone Follows And Obeys The Rules Put In Place To Make This Site Run Smoothly.