For premium contracts only. Please provide details you would like on your player card for example, player name, rating and attributes. If your aren't purchasing premium put NONE
Please enter all the positions you play in order of perference, for example if your a striker but can play LM and LB also, put ST/LM/LB

  • - £5 / 180 Days
    Premium player contract will enable you to move clubs at any time without a transfer fee and release yourself from a club. You will also get a player card and the ability to play without a GK or Any if anyone on that team has a premium membership. You can only move clubs twice per premium contract so choose your clubs wisely.
    - Free / 180 Days
    A standard player contract last for 180 days. You can't move clubs without a transfer fee or an agreement to release from your manager.
    - £5 / 180 Days
    By choosing the premium manager contract, you have the ability to fold a team and still play for another club. Your team will also have the ability to no longer require a GK or Any. A player card will also be made for you if you have give us the information on the player card section of the contract.
    - Free / 180 Days
    If you choose the basic manager contract option, if your team folds before your contract ends you cannot play for another club until your contract ends. If you want the ability to fold a team and still play for another team select Premium.